Is… a Sport


Abby Wallace, Writer

A constant debate people have is what qualifies as a sport. There are some things people consider a sport that others may consider more of a skill or activity. The three major activities that are constantly debated to be sports are cheerleading, golfing, and marching band.

Cheerleading has been one of the most debated activities to be considered a sport or not. There are various reasons why some count it as a sport, and why others may not think it qualifies as one. It combines many skills that many people in other activities wouldn’t be able to do. The dedication needed to continue practices and performances all school year is one of the most challenging things they have to do that others don’t have to. 

However, there’s always the counter-argument that school cheer and competitive cheer aren’t the same things. Competitive cheer takes more skill and dedication than school cheer. The majority of people that argue this believe competitive cheer is a sport, but school cheer isn’t.

Golfing is another activity that gets argued about whether it is or is not a sport. Golfing on the school website falls under athletics. Golfers compete against students at other schools just like activities such as football or basketball. They have seasons and practices just like other activities that are counted as sports. 

Despite this, golfing still has a label on it that it’s just a skill some people have. Golfers do put a lot of effort into the skill and technique they need to perfect to be considered a decent golfer, but the training isn’t as intense as other activities such as football, basketball, or even soccer. Conditioning is a big part of athletics, and golfers don’t have to do that.

Lastly, marching band is still argued to be a sport like golfing and cheerleading. Unlike golfing and cheerleading, marching band is found under activities or performing arts, not athletics. Although marching band still has to train and condition for performances, they have specific steps they must follow to perform/compete for others. They practice through the summer in the blazing heat in the cold before school during football season.

Although they condition like other sports, they don’t have to have as much athletic ability as other athletes do. The conditioning marching band goes through compared to the conditioning football goes through isn’t nearly the same thing. Considering this, marching band is seen more as an activity or performing art rather than a sport.

The definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” Considering this definition, cheerleading, golfing and marching band are sports. However, what’s considered a sport is an opinion-based choice. Someone who thinks marching band is a sport may not believe cheerleading is because people have their own opinions on what a sport should be. Whether someone bases sports on athletic ability or the actual definition changes what is considered a sport entirely.