Burnout is affecting students at the end of the year


Mallory Brooks, Reporter

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, many students are left feeling burnt out in school.

Burnout is defined as being completely exhausted through overwork. It’s a state of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion.  Students are left feeling academic burnout, especially at the end of the year after working so hard. Burnout in school happens when students face ongoing stress or frustration with little to no time to recharge.

At the beginning of the year, most students have had their summer break and are ready to come back to school. They want to do well in the work they do, but as the year goes on, students start to not rest long enough to feel a sense of accomplishment in their school work and don’t have enough time to recharge before their next assignment. This takes a toll and the stress they feel can grow into exhaustion and their motivation and interest levels drop. 

“Burnout takes something that was fun for me and turned it into a chore,” junior Susan Bilderback said.

Burnout can have a different meaning for other students.

“Burnout in my own definition consists of being so mentally, emotionally, and even physically exhausted that the thought of doing anything productive and well worth one’s own time sounds merely impossible,” junior Lexi Shellhammer said. 

With finals coming up rapidly, many students are feeling burnt out and stressed. 

“I have been feeling some academic burnout, it’s a hard year,” Bilderback said. 

Being a junior has caused lots of stress, especially at the end of the school year. 

“Right now with finals and last-minute tests, stress levels have increased as well as my workload making priorities and ‘need to do projects’ more relevant,” Shellhammer said. “I am not so much as learning anymore but I am instead memorizing and forgetting to get an A in the class.” 

Along with academic burnout, Bilderback is also feeling some burnout in other areas of her life. 

“I’ve experienced a lot of musician burnout with being a flute player and I have lots of different activities with music,” Bilderback said.

Burnout is something that affects so many people, especially students near the end of the year. But some are excited and hopeful for the summer break coming up to recharge. 

“It’s a hard year but summer is a good reset,” Bilderback said.

The phenomenon of burnout affects many students and it gets harder the further the year goes on. 

“Mental and emotional burnout has become more and more noticeable the further and further we get to the end of the year because I am more focused on my grade, GPA, and college instead of trying to learn and better myself,” Shellhammer said.