Interview with foreign exchange student at the end of the school year: Zoe Ramirez


Reese Bratkovic, Writer

About 8 months ago I interviewed german forgein exchange student Zoe Ramirez and asked her many questions about what she thinks of America and how her experiencing was going so far. Now, 4 days before the end of the school year and just a month before she has to go home, I interviewed her again. 

“I really like the people, how open, welcoming, friendly and funny they are. School has been one of my favorite parts of this experience too though” Ramirez said of her favorite part of America.

Ramirez has made many friends while in the US.

“Yes, I definitely did [make new friends]. I met some of the best people here and I am so sad that I have to leave them so soon. I would consider Reese, Alyssa and Mia as my bestfriends here. But also my host sister Maeline from France that ive gotten incredibly close to,” Ramiriez said. 

Ramirez likes multiple foods here in the US that aren’t in Germany.

“I really like chick-fil-A and Chipotle,” Ramirez said. 

Ramirez has made a lot of memories since she was here that she’ll never forget.

“I dont really have a favorite memory since I got to look back at all the football games, friday nights with my friends and a time when I went to a lake with a friend at night and we were looking at the stars and I was sitting in the window of his car while he drove down a street with the wind in my hair and loud music playing,” Ramirez said. 

Though she’s loved America, Ramirez is looking forward to going back home. 

“I am looking forward to a lot of partying, seeing all my friends and family again, having a lot of freedom and having chill parents,” Ramirez said. 

Despite Ramirez’s excitement about going home, she will miss being in the US.

“I will miss all my friends, school and especially my English teacher, Mrs. Lenz. I will be leaving a life behind that I built in my 10 months here and knowing that I won’t ever get that back again makes me really sad. But it was worth all of the highs and lows this year and I will never forget this amazing experience,” Ramirez said. 

There are a lot of words to describe her experience, but Ramirez can sum it up in five.

“Exciting, educational, unique, wonderful, indescribable,” Ramiriez said.