Should Seniors Get to Start Because They’re Seniors?


Abby Wallace, Reporter

Being a senior athlete means it’s their last year to play in high school. It’s their last chance to leave a mark on their team. Assuming being a senior means they get to have more playing time and a starting position without having to work as much is irresponsible for an athlete. Just because they are older and this is their last season playing this sport as a high school student doesn’t mean they deserve a guaranteed spot. Rather it means the opposite. They should put in twice the work juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are considering they are playing to impress colleges.

Playing a sport means the main goal is to win. In college and professional leagues, it doesn’t matter how much older or how much longer you’ve been on the team, rather it’s about the skill, dedication, and leadership you provide to the team. Cam Newton Is the former quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He played for the Panthers from 2011-2019. He won the 2015 MVP award, but was later cut after the 2019 season and replaced by Teddy Bridgewater. Even though Newton is four years older than Bridgewater and even won the MVP award while playing for the Panthers, but he was still cut by the team replaced with someone younger. If being older than everyone else on the team meant they automatically get to start or play more, then the team may not do as well as they would with the younger more skilled players.

“Sports are about your athletic ability, not what grade you’re in. For the sake of the team, if a junior, sophomore, or freshman is better than a senior, then they should be the ones starting,” Avery Mullins said.

However, some people do still believe since senior athletes have been working and playing for so long, they should get the starting position. They’ve put hardwork and dedication into the program for so long, it wouldn’t be fair for the younger players to get chosen over them.

“Seniors should get more playing time because most likely, they have been putting in hard work and money into the program for three years. They deserve to have a good, well-spent last year,” Bella Schowalter said.