Student Wifi

Student Wifi

Quinton Coats, Reporter

Wifi in schools has been a debate that has popped up in schools all over the nation. Should students be allowed to have access to wifi? Will they use it responsibly or inappropriately? These are the questions that teachers and administrators ask students in schools, and the students’ answers are always an emphatic yes! Most administrators and teachers are very hesitant to allow access to wifi due to students misusing their privilege, but some students would beg to differ. 


There are many downsides to having wifi access available to students on school campuses but some students strongly disagree. 


“I use the school wifi for texting my parents and keeping up to date about practice times and game times” said Senior John Hendrickson. 


The biggest usage of the school wifi when available for most students is texting. 


“…text my friends and to text my parents” Sophomore Addi Lutz said. 


Communication is an important tool in times of trouble such as medical emergencies or even the worst of tragedies, school shootings. Some students like to text with each other as a gateway to escape from school work to stay in touch and conversate. School wifi can also be good for looking up information about topics and questions in certain classes.


Districts tend to decline access to more than just on campus wifi. Many websites, apps, and games are restricted as well. 


“I think they need to unblock certain resources such as Canva used for fine arts classes” said Hendrickson. 


Many valuable school resources have been blocked in recent months such as Canva. Canva is an online design tool that many fine arts and design classes utilized before the restrictment. The reason behind certain bans and restrictions are inappropriate content, distractions, and games not related to school.


Wifi has many purposes, good and bad. The ongoing debate on whether schools should allow students to have access to wifi has students on edge. For now, the district will continue to have wifi access for limited amounts of time. Students will either have to find a hotspot in the school or use their laptops for communication .