Abortion: pro-abortion rights students voice their opinion

Morgan Montgomery, Editor-In-Chief

Abortion is a sensitive topic for many and has caused many debates, especially with the Roe v. Wade coming to light. A few students shared their opinion and why they support pro-abortion rights. 

One source preferred to be anonymous, so they’ll be referred to as A. 

A believes it’s up to the woman to decide whether or not she receives an abortion.

“I think I’m pro-choice because, first, I don’t think it’s a decision that boys can speak about because it’s something we’ll never [have to experience,]” A said. “I think it’s really important that the girl can make the choice because if there’s rape or something like that or like they can’t give a good life to the baby because they’re in college or they don’t have the money it’s the best idea to [get an] abortion.”

A formed their opinion based on things they’ve heard, and has had discussions with their peers and family to become informed.

“I have discussions about it because I like to know what’s the opinion of the other people and why they think about that,” A said. 

Senior Aly Gad is very pro-abortion rights because the other freedoms of America aren’t limited, so she believes abortion shouldn’t be either.

“I am very firmly pro-choice simply because I feel like, especially in a country where we harp on freedom, and are super every man gets his own choice -every man gets his own choice for a ton of stuff – to limit that for abortion is just a bit much and I just feel like it’s none of my business,” Gad said. 

Gad is pro-abortion rights, even though she isn’t sure of the choice she’d make for herself if she were in that position. 

“I don’t know, I haven’t gotten to that point but I don’t think it’s my jurisdiction to choose that for other people,” Gad said. 

Gad’s opinion was formed on the basis of her beliefs and morals. 

“[My opinion was formed] on my own, just understanding that that’s not my place to decide that for other people, that’s just kind of morals and understanding that forcing that on another person, it doesn’t go with my I guess you could say religion or just moral views,” Gad said. 

Gad speaks about abortion with friends and family often.

“Recently it has been [a topic of discussion,] it kind of always has been because abortion is like the biggest issue that’s kind of being talked about right now,” Gad said. 

Abortion hasn’t been a topic of argument with friends, but has created conflict between her family. 

“Not friends because I feel like my friend group, you tend to be friends with people with similar views as you so not in my friend group, but within my family absolutely,” Gad said regarding conflict.

Junior Emma Augustine believes that the choice of abortion is up to each person individually.

“I feel like abortion is something that every woman should be able to decide for themselves, so I feel like if you’re pro-life or pro-choice that’s your decision and abortion should not be forced onto other people. If someone else is pregnant, if they want to get an abortion you have no right to say if they should or should not get an abortion,” Augustine said. 

Augustine’s opinion was formed by a multitude of things, but primarily is based on what she learned from her parents and morals.

“I think my parents really helped shape treating everyone with respect and knowing that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but your opinion and everyone else’s opinion should not affect everyone else,” Augustine said. “Like if you have an opinion on abortion that should just be your opinion for your body, not someone else’s.”

Augustine has discussed this with her family and friends.

“A lot of us are very angry about the overturning of Roe v. Wade and just how it could affect women and basically going back in time and basically having to fight for these rights again and again and again,” Augustine said.

Abortion hasn’t caused a lot of debate in Augustine’s family and friends.

“I feel like we all kind of agree that it’s kind of a messed up situation,” Augustine said.

Freshman Graham Hansen believes abortion shouldn’t be criminalized, as the baby isn’t actually a human yet.

“I feel like abortion shouldn’t be seen as a crime or something because it just doesn’t feel like it should be criminalized,” Hansen said. “A lot of people like to say that life begins at conception or when you’re that first zygote but I don’t really see that to make much sense because you’re hardly even human, you barely have humanistic traits, you can’t think, you’re hardly even living on your own.”

Hansen’s stance on abortion was formed from his parents.

“The way I’ve grown up around them, it’s kind of a learned behavior to accept that people need abortions and stuff like that,” Hansen said.

Abortion and, more specifically, Roe v. Wade has been a discussoin within Hansen’s friend group.

“[My friends and I] all agree that the supreme court overturning Roe v Wade was a pretty stupid idea,” Hansen said. 


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