Abortion: students’ anti-abortion opinions

Morgan Montgomery, Editor-in-Chief

Abortion has been a topic of disagreement for a long time now with debates over what’s right and what’s wrong and what should or shouldn’t be legal. With the draft of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision leaked recently, a few anti-abortion students were willing to speak on their views, all of which will be anonymous. Instead of their names, they’ll be referred to as C, G and J. 

C thinks all lives are important, regardless of age. 

“I think it should be illegal because I view the baby’s life as an important life and it’s just as important as the mother’s and everyone else’s on this earth no matter the age,” C said.

C’s opinion was based on multiple aspects, such as their parent’s view as well as the things they’ve learned.

“When I was younger I kind of just listened to what my parents said and now that I’m older I do question what they believe and I question what I believe and I look at the facts and I look at the science and I have conversations with adults,” C said.

C has gotten some negative reactions for expressing their opinion.

“One time I posted something on my story and I didn’t think it would get any hate and then some of my closest friends swiped up and were kind of like ‘this is a lie, why do you say this’ and I was just like ‘I don’t really want to fight about it’ cause I don’t want it to ruin our friendship,” C said. “So ever since then, I kind of just try to stay away from telling my friends my opinion because they know my opinion and I don’t want to cause anything harmful to happen to our relationship.”

Abortion has also caused arguments between their family. 

“My dad’s side of the family is the exact opposite of us and my dad does like to bring up the conversations a lot and so I feel like our relationships get broken a little bit more every time it gets brought up,” C said.

G believes people should be aware of the consequences of their actions.

“Personally, I wouldn’t get one just because I feel like if you’re making that decision, to have sex, then you should know the consequences, but I understand for like other reasons that people get them, like if it’s not their decision,” G said. 

While G’s family may have had some impact in forming their opinion, they also credit themself.

“I would like to say [my opinion] is my own but also my family is pro-life, but personally, it’s on me,” G said.

Though there has been some discussion within friend groups and family, abortion is a topic of conversation they try to steer clear of. 

“All of my friends are kind of the other side of the table so we really don’t talk about politics, at least when I’m in the room we don’t,” G said.

J believes all humans, even unborn ones, deserve a chance at life and abortion isn’t the answer. 

“I am pro-life partially because of my religion, it’s kind of how I grew up,” J said. “I also feel that kids, even unborn kids, deserve a shot at life, even if it’s not out of the best circumstances and even if they have to go to foster care which, obviously foster care is very corrupt, but I still think they deserve that chance at life.”

Not only does J not believe in abortion, they also are opposed to the way it’s carried out. 

“Also, the way that abortions are done, they completely dismember the babies and I think that’s awful,” J said.

J believes that instead of focusing on abortion, people should focus on improving the other options, such as the foster system.

 “I think what we should be focusing on is reforming the foster care system and letting these babies live, opposed to killing the babies because you’re afraid of foster care,” J said.

J’s stance on abortion hasn’t always been what it is. 

“I used to be pro-choice, and I watched a video how abortion was done and why it was done and it changed my opinion,” J said. 

J and their mother share the same stance on the subject.

“I don’t discuss it with my dad but my mom agrees with me,” J said. “She had me when she was trying to be forced into abortion.”


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