Teachers’ summer plans


Allyson Hester, Reporter

Many teachers already have their summer plans set or at least have some ideas of what they want their summer to be filled with. 

Computer science teacher Andrew Meile and his wife are having a baby soon and he plans to spend lots of time with newborn daughter. 

“My favorite activity is playing golf with my wife and friends”

And he plans to teach lessons throughout the summer as a side job.

Math teacher Michelle Kinzer also has some fun ideas of what she wants to do this summer.

“I’m looking forward to Doing projects around the house and traveling”.

This summer she plans to travel to multiple states as vacations. Her all time favorite place to travel is the beach. Throughout the summer aside from traveling, she tutors as a side job. 

Choir teacher Elise Peterson has multiple things she is looking forward to doing this summer.

“Binge-watching Hulu; private voice lessons with student vocalists and a trip to the west coast,” Peterson said. 

Aside from all of that, she also plans to travel to various states such as Oregon to see family. “And to Manhattan, KS to hang out with my best friend!” said Peterson

Some of her favorite summer activities are water aerobics at the olathe community center and watching movies in the theater. 

English teacher Hannah Greer also has some fun things she is looking forward to.

“I am looking forward to going to Cancun (an all-inclusive resort) with my teacher besties! I have never been out of the country and I love the beach, so I think this will be a really fun getaway,” Greer said. 

Aside from going to Cancun, she is also going to Cleavland to visit some of her family. She would typically like to spend her summer days laying out by the pool and reading a book. 

“My favorite summer activity is lying at the pool. I like to read a book, float in the water, hang out with friends and tan,” Greer said.. 

Over the summer she got a job teaching exercise classes to little kids.

“ I work for a company called Stretch-n-Grow. We teach exercise classes to preschools in the area including water day classes and field day classes.”

Student Naturalist teacher Joan Radakovich is looking forward to riding her horses and motorcycle, as well as kayaking and camping. She has a few adventurous trips planned for this summer.

“I am going to Scottsdale and Flagstaff, Arizona to hike. I’m also kayaking in Southern Missouri.  I am backpacking on the Mickelson Trail in South Dakota,” Radakovich said. 

During the summer she spends time taking care of her little farm and some of the student naturalist’s animals.

English teacher Kylie Thompson is looking forward to having time to relax and spend time with her dog, Willow. She is also going with some other English teachers to Cancun. 

“I will be going on vacation to Cancun with Ms. Greer, Ms. Hightower, and Ms. Gosselaar! How lucky am I to work with my besties,”Thompson said. 

Her favorite summer activities include taking her dog on walks while listening to audiobooks and laying out by the pool. This summer she is also working with Hannah Greer. 

“I will be working alongside Ms. Greer at Stretch N’ Grow. We will be teaching exercise classes to little kids in the area,” said Thompson.

Psychology teacher Jennifer Schlicht is looking forward to not waking up at 5:30 am everyday and relaxing. She also has a few vacations planned, one of them is going to Boston with her best friend. She enjoys spending time outside on nice summer days.

“Sitting on my back porch drinking iced tea and reading a book,” Schlicht said. 

She does have a summer job that occupies some of her free time throughout the summer. 

“I teach a summer class for the district’s eAcademy and I am part of the leadership for the AP Psychology reading.  I am also training to teach AP Psych summer institutes but won’t start actually teaching them until next summer,” said Schlicht. 

Math teacher Matthew Bohm is looking forward to playing golf and watching his son play baseball this summer. He is going on many vacations this summer. 

“I am going to the Lake of the Ozarks, Colorado, Indiana and Chicago,” Bohm said. This summer he does not have a summer job though he has in the past.

“I used to paint houses in the summer with some friends, but now I just relax and have fun,” Bohm said.