Bathrooms are no more: here’s why


Hudson Marmon, Reporter

Lately, the majority of bathrooms have been closed, and with no clear explanation as to why this is, students are left feeling frustrated. Because explanations vary from teacher to teacher, students have begun creating their own theories as to why so many bathrooms are out of order. In turn, different rumors have spread, increasing misinformation on the topic.

Mrs. Jetton oversees the custodial team, and explains how understaffing has influenced administrative decisions. 

“As you know, our custodians do so much for our building. For instance, they’re setting up lunch right now,” Jetton said. “They clean, they set up for events, they break down events, plays, I mean they do everything behind the scenes. And so when we’re short staffed, it affects a lot of different things.” 

In addition to understaffing, vandalism has made it harder for custodians to keep restrooms clean.

“Just [three] days ago, there were two trash cans dumped over on top of a toilet. And when we’re short custodial staff, and they have to set up for an event or set up for lunch, we can’t stop setting up for lunch to take care of a bathroom,” Jetton said. “So in that instance, the bathroom gets locked, closed, and once they can get to it, they will.”

Even after custodians get a chance to clean up vandalism, Jetton explained why administration has decided to keep some bathrooms locked indefinitely. 

“Some of these restrooms we’re deciding to completely close down just so we don’t have to deal with the vandalism,” Jetton said. “We’re also trying to curb the behavior, and although there’s probably only a select few students that are doing this, it’s punishing the whole, and that doesn’t ever feel good.”

Though it may be the best option for the custodial staff, many students are affected by the bathrooms being closed.

“It takes a long time to get to class, because if I go to the bathroom during passing period when I’m supposed to, then I’m late to class, because there’s a really long line in the bathroom,” senior Adelyn Howatt said. 

Ultimately, Howatt feels that there is a lack of communication between administration and students. 

“I feel like [administration] should inform all the students and teachers of the reason, because I’ve asked several teachers why the bathrooms are closed, and they have no idea,” Howatt said. “I think that would also help students not be frustrated as much.”

While there may be no clear solution to increasing custodial staff, sophomore Steen Schreck believes there is a clear reason as to why our custodians are leaving. 

“It’s unfortunate because I know at the beginning of the year we weren’t understaffed, and now that we are, it could be people leaving because students are not really caring for them,” Schreck said. “They’re just making messes to make messes.”