Golden Girls showcase dancing talent

Drill team ends performance season at show

The freshman drill team performed a routine to a song from “Hercules.”

Emma Sanders, Reporter

The Golden Girls performed in their Spring Show, “Journey,” on April 4.

Tickets were $6 at the door.

Carol McIllwee, freshman drill team coach, and Gail Holder, Varsity drill team coach have been preparing their girls for this show since the beginning of the year.
The Spring Show is an event in which the various groups and teams of girls can perform dances that they have been working on all year.

Several solos and duets also were performed throughout the show.

The show described a person’s journey throughout life and the different battles they may face, such as addictions.

The performance “Dark A” portrayed how addictions can pull a person in and trap them in a vicious cycle. A prop was included in the dance, like many of the other performances.

They also included a tribute to 9/11 in which all of the Golden Girls performed.

The show started with honoring the senior drill team members.

Then they performed their opening number “Into the Jungle.” This number represented many different animals in the jungle such as monkeys, tropical birds, and other various animals.

The 9/11 routine was accompanied by a voice-over of a man, who told the story from the perspective of God. It started off with the girls walking around as if it were a normal day and turned into a dramatic dance number that captured the importance of Sept. 11, 2001.

The routine that the audience responded most positively to was “Shake,” performed by the varsity team. “Shake” was a fast-paced hip-hop inspired dance that left the crowd cheering.

Alison Thornton, freshman, said, “I liked the costumes for the ‘Shake’ dance a lot; they were fun. But, my favorite routine was the ‘Help the People’ one.”

The “Help the People” routine was another crowd favorite. Accompanied by the song “Help the People” by Sia, the team tried to send the message that one of life’s greatest satisfactions is helping others.

The cheerleaders also made an appearance towards the end of the show performing a few minutes of stunts for the crowd.

“I liked the cheerleaders. I think they did a good job, and it was nice for them to be represented in the show too,” Thornton said.

The team ended the night with a performance titled “I Lived” which conveyed that no matter what people face in life, at the end of it all, they will be able to say that they lived.

After the performance was over, the Golden Girls came out on stage along with the cheerleaders and crew for a final applause.

The Spring show is always a favorite each year for the girls to perform in. Many, Golden Girls had friends and family come to watch them perform and support them.

Spring Show is the last performance for the drill team this year, ending their season.