How high school athletes manage time after school


Brooke Burbidge, Reporter

Wondering where the days are going by, school only has three weeks for freshman, sophomores, and juniors, and two more weeks for seniors. Are you counting the days down or still wishing we had more time? As the year is wrapping up students have gotten busy with finishing missing work, after school sports and grad parties on the weekends. Students Sophia Chafin and Peyton Walls share how they spend their time after school. 

Peyton Walls is a freshman who plays soccer every day a week three nights of practice with games one to three times a week mixed in on school nights. 

“[I] just have soccer right now and then I do my own Physical Therapy type stuff at home when I’m not at school,” Walls said. 

Sophia Chafin is a sophomore also on soccer trying to manage her time as the graduation parties start piling up in her schedule. 

“So my schedule is actually I go to soccer every day. It gives me time to decompress from my school days. I love getting to know all the girls on the team and making new friends. I’m playing soccer and going to a graduation party so my schedule has been very busy,” Chafin said. 

Peyton is ending freshman year here in a few weeks and is moving on to her second year. 

“Sophomore year is going to be fun to be around a bunch of people, not be the youngest person in the school and sports will be a lot more fun than when I’m not a freshman,” Walls said. 

Sophia is becoming an upperclassman this year and is able to attend prom and more events next year. 

“I’m really excited to end sophomore year so I can have another year to start over with a junior year. I loved all my teachers this year and it was really relaxing. This was the easiest year by far,” Chafin said. 


Ending her freshman year, Walls has learned many valuable lessons from friends to starting high school with new rules and homework regulations then middle school. 

“It’s definitely a lot more about friendships and better or worse, not as picture perfect as movies are and I’ve learned a lot as a person about who I want to be in life,”  Walls said. 

Summer is a time for you to fill up your schedule with things you would love to do rather than going to school and not having a choice. 

“My plans this summer are to workout, eat food, catch up on sleep and spend time with my friends and family and go to church.” 

Where do you plan on being in your life in 15 year when you’re through college, Walls wants to attend Emporia for her ideal career choice. 

“I pretty much have it all planned out I want to go to Emporia State play soccer and then also get my kinesiology degree and then once I graduate with my kinesiology degree if I’m going to go to KU to get my physical therapy degree and then I want to own a gym recovery place where I’m the physical therapist and then I also have trainers on-site specialized for soccer players,” Walls said. 

Feelings of getting closer to senior year flooding into people getting stress of where you wanna go to college taking the ACT or the SAT if you choose. 

“I’m excited to be a year closer to graduation, next year I’m not excited about homework and getting ready for college and being busy all the time,” Chafin said. 

Your first year in high school is full of learning a new environment and adapting to your new surroundings in the movies it portrayed as perfect. In the movies there’s always a solution at the end and everything works out.               

“My perspective of what high school like and how my future years are going to be in the move does not like how it is in the movies it’s definitely a lot more about friendships and better or worse like not as picture perfect as movies are and I’ve learned a lot as a person about who I want to be in life,” Walls said.