New artist AURYN releases EP

Morgan Montgomery, Editor-in-Chief

There are a lot of underground rappers and other artists on music platforms, such as SoundCloud. On May 4, a new artist, AURYN released an EP called “Lessons of Life.” All of the tracks are about his life experiences and the things he’s been through. 

The first track of the four song tracklist is “Left and Lied.” The first thing you notice is that he is slightly pitchy. That being said, the lyrics are good and relatable, some being “…you hit me real deep with that knife.” The song is about, as the title suggests, a girl that broke his heart and left. The backtrack seems to be created using a synthesizer and actually sounds rather appealing. 

The second track is “Riding.” The song starts out with a guitar riff but then when the lyrics come in, it uses, once again, synthesized music. The song is, once again, about heartbreak. His voice in the beginning is slightly flat, but it somehow works with the song. The lyrics are once again relatable and feel very personal. The song is really short and only really has one verse and two choruses. 

The third track is “Really Had Me.” The song starts with pitchy humming, but then goes into lyrics that aren’t as pitchy. The song is about, again, heartbreak. My favorite lyric of the song is “I’ve been feenin’ in my closet/ fightin’ demons but that’s often.” The song also feels really personal and it feels like you get to know him and his feelings better. 

The last track, and my favorite, is “Falling Down.” It begins with a synthesized version of the chorus of “Breakeven” by The Script.” His voice sounds the best in this song out of all the songs on the EP. “I’ve been in my head/ I’ve been fallin’ down baby. I’ve been seein’ red/ lookin’ to my left askin’ God if I’m dead,” are my favorite lyrics in this song. A lot of the lyrics are relatable and this song feels sadder because of the types of sounds used. 

Overall, the EP is relatable and feels very personal, like you’re getting to know him and his past trauma. While his voice isn’t the best, I would recommend giving it a listen for the lyrics.