Jada Pippins Breaks Long Jump Record


Gavin McAferty, Reporter

It’s nearly impossible to go through the results of a meet without seeing senior Jada Pippins’ name. She produces weekly for the Olathe South track and field team. Pippins is very versatile: capable of sprinting, hurdling and jumping at a high level. Also currently ranked as the second best girl hurdler in the state. Though she has many achievements, she also has regrets. “I definitely regret not doing hurdles earlier.” She recently committed to Washburn University to join their track and field team; where she plans to continue to hurdle. The four years of hard work as a varsity athlete has definitely paid off for Pippins. 

At the Blue Valley Midseason meet, Pippins broke the school long jump record for girls. So great to see when you see how highly regarded she is by her coaches and teammates; as she is a part of the captain committee for the track team. When asked what it took to break the long jump record; she replied “Hard work, just staying committed to like working hard in practice and just letting the nerves go.” 

Surprisingly, Pippins wasn’t feeling her best that day though. “The jumps felt really bad and then they announced the number 17’9 ½”.”, Pippins said. She had been aiming to break the long jump record for some time. “I’ve been trying to break it since last year.”

When asked what her goal for the rest of the season was, she responded with “I really want to break 18 feet and shatter the record so my little sister can’t beat it.” Other than her sister Jasmine Pippins pushing her, she attributed a lot of her success to a variety of people. Including her track coaches, parents and her boyfriend, Brody Casson.