The Debate on Where to eat for Prom


Sydney Slaton, Reporter

A big part of prom is deciding where you and your friends are going to eat. Everyone has their own preferences or dietary needs, and then there is the whole low maintenance food versus nice restaurant argument. 

Some people would rather eat somewhere easy like fast food restaurants because they are close by and are the most likely to have something everyone likes. People could choose this route because the close proximity to either their house or the venue allows for more time to get ready. I myself am pretty high maintenance when I’m getting ready for things like prom so my friends and I usually pick something easier for our food. Fast food restaurants also have more options for pickier members of the group. Picking a place to eat is hard enough without someone shooting down every idea because it doesn’t have chicken strips and fries on the menu. So fast food places with a better variety of food are often the go-to for those friends. This option isn’t foolproof, though. Fast food restaurants are often messy or greasy so you’ll have to be careful not to get any on your expensive dress. Even though this option is unconventional and has its drawbacks, many find it efficient and a funny way to start the night. 

However, many think eating somewhere nice on prom night is part of the experience and make sure it is not a part of the night that they skip out on. Once they’ve gotten ready in their fancy dresses or tuxedos they want to use this opportunity well. Wearing fancy clothes and going to a fancy restaurant is part of prom night itself, so they’ll need to find somewhere nice. Nice food, nice clothes, and your friends before a fun night of dancing and pictures – what more could you want? For starters, a little extra time. You likely won’t find anywhere fancy enough for an occasion such as prom nearby so your party will need to allow more time to drive somewhere for dinner. Furthermore, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for your food after you order so you’ll have to keep that in mind as well. But the issues I mentioned will often be worth the reward as you and your friends will get to start the night with good food and a restaurant worthy of your fancy clothes.

Regardless of where your party chooses to eat for prom night, you’re all sure to have an amazing time at the dance itself.