Ghost gun law makes community safer

Dalton Roberts, journalist

 After 120 days of being published, the law passed by President Joe Biden on April 11 in regards to ghost guns will be in effect. The new rule is that the kits will need to have serial numbers and the person buying one would need to pass a background check, this is to reduce gun crimes and make our communities safer.

An example of making the community safer is with the Olathe East shooting on March 5, 2022 by Jaylon Elmore, age 18. Elmore used a 9mm green camo handgun. He shot Kaleb Stoppel the assistant principal and Erik Clark the school resource officer. It was reported that he regularly brought the gun to school. 

While you can be 18 to carry a handgun in Kansas, it’s against the law to buy one until the age of 21. Ghost guns can be obtained online or at conventions, there being no background checks make it easy to obtain. The ghost gun law will prevent someone under 21 from getting a firearm without the law being broken.

This law is said to make America safer but it’s been shown time and time again that it’s not whether the gun is registered or not, it’s who is in possession of it. Many horrible crimes can still happen by illegally obtaining the guns or stealing them. Just like drugs still get in the US, people will find a way for guns as well. 

Just because the law exists does not mean you will be safer. It can still be unsafe in America for the citizens to walk around and get struck by cars, but laws make it less likely to happen. It is a step in a good direction for gun laws but it won’t change what could happen.