Predicting 2022 fashion trends


Brooke Burbidge, reporter

The summer of 2022 is almost here. Right around the corner is a break from school and a break from, most importantly, homework. There are so many different styles in fashion so here is what I think will be in style this summer. 

Diving right in, I think lime green. Hot pink has been a huge color recently and you can almost see it everywhere but I think that will die down and lime green will be the new big color. Dresses, skirts, and many more items will have a new best-selling color. Freshman Kylee Vignery and Anni Evan are going to let us know their thoughts on these items becoming a trend. 

“Kind of, it depends on what you are wearing in the pants, if it was in a good outfit I would wear it,” Vignery said. 

Blazers are the next big thing. Rolling into something fancy, an event or hangout where you need to look cute and fashionable, blazers can be your trick. You can style them up or down and they make for a great way to keep warm on those cold summer nights after sundown. You can keep your blazer open and breezy with a shirt underneath, or you can have a more uptight look with a good buttoned-up blazer with a shirt underneath. 

“I think that they’re cute, but it kind of depends on what’s underneath and what kinda person they are,” Anni Evans said. 

In the 2022 summer season, stripes are going to make a comeback. Walking through crowds I have seen way more people wear stripes. My only thought is don’t wear stripes that are in two different directions or that could resort to a major clash in your summer outfit. 

“I like stripes. It can be too much, or too many stripes but I think they’re cute.” Vignery said. 

Flat sandals, because it’s finally warm enough not to have to wear tennis shoes or covering shoes all the time. Last summer platform sandals were in and many people wore them in their outfits throughout the year. Nonplatform shoes and making a comeback after this platform moment we had in 2021. Sandals are a great simple way to keep a look lowkey and perfect for the soft and cute vibes in an outfit that fits that aesthetic. You can have band-sandels or cross sandals but you can never have too many pairs of sandals.

“I like them. I think they’re cute, especially with a cute summer dress and with straps,” Vignery said. 

Graphic t-shirts from year to year we have seen the saying “hello sunshine” or any other overused saying that anyone in the t-shirt business uses to make as much money as possible and as fast as possible. This year I have a feeling t-shirts with long saying that are unusual to have on a shirt will be all the commotion. 

“Honestly, I don’t like them long I’d rather them be short and sweet but if it was a quote that was meaningful I would like it,” Evans said.