What makes Madeline Ahern crazy for Falcon Strength?

Senior focus—

Madeline Ahern, senior, loves Falcon Strength. “This is my third year lifting, and I’ve basically fallen in love with it,” Ahern said.

She started in her sophomore year due to an injury to her knee.

“I had to quit cross country because I got really bad tendonitis in my knee [so] my coach told me to join to strengthen it and I [got] stuck to it,” Ahern added.

She is very passionate though about Falcon Strength, and that passion has placed her more than once at state competitions.

“I won state twice and got second place the third time,” Ahern said. The most she has lifted is a 92-pound clean and jerk.

She said the meets are actually her favorite part of Falcon Strength.

“You get to watch people who love the same thing you do, and you get to compete not only with other people, but with yourself and your personal records,” Ahern said.

Traveling to meets though she says is kind of funny.

“[We’re] shoved in a Suburban that has more food than people in it,” Ahern said with a laugh.

“Everyone [should join Falcon Strength} because anyone has the ability to do it,” Ahern said.

Ahern also is involved in Choir, Choir Leadership Team and Thespians.

ACTIVITIES: Falcon Strength, Choir, Choir Leadership team, Thespians

WHAT is your favorite breakfast food? Cereal because there [are] so many different options and it’s fast.