Things to do during the holidays


Aimée Geroux |

A chocolate ball filled with hot cocoa powder and marshmallows

Allyson Hester, Reporter

The holidays bring lots of cozy and cheery feelings. Hot cocoa bombs will help get into the winter or holiday spirit. A hot cocoa bomb is a big chocolate shaped sphere with a thin outer layer of chocolate, and on the inside there are marshmallows, hot cocoa powder, and sometimes peppermints. Once you have made the hot cocoa bomb then heat up your milk and drop the hot cocoa bomb in the hot milk and the thin layer of chocolate will melt and then the marshmallows, hot cocoa powder, and peppermint will then also melt and dissolve into the hot milk and then you have yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate. Hot cocoa bombs are also a fun gift to give to friends and family.

Secret santa gift exchanges are also a fun way to celebrate the holidays with your friends and family. This is a fun gift exchange where you are randomly assigned someone from the group and your job is to go out and buy something that you think that person would like or maybe find funny. You all put your presents in a simple paper bag or something generic so every gift looks the same, but make sure to write your person’s name on the bottom of the bag so they know it’s for them. Then everybody opens their gift and then you can try to guess who gave you your gift. 


Another fun creative idea is to make homemade gifts, and give them to friends and family. This may look like a homemade ornament or even a homemade holiday card. Homemade ornaments can be done in many different ways. Maybe it’s made out of paper or maybe you get an ornament and put fun pictures or memories in it. A homemade holiday card is fun and easy because most likely you can find all the materials around your house. Whether you want to paint a card or draw one, they can mean so much to whoever you send them too.


Having a holiday treat bake marathon is a fun way to spice up your holiday celebrations with tastes and smells. This could be a day where you make many different kinds of your favorite holiday treats. For example, sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, peppermint cookies, fudge, and many more. And even if you wanted to have a cookie exchange with your friends and family, where everybody brings their own holiday treat; that gives you the opportunity to find some new and maybe different desserts. 

While there are many other ways to celebrate the holiday season these are just a few ways to get started.