So Bones or No Bones?


Mireya McInnis, Reporter


It all started when our TikTok algorithms blessed our page with the cutest 13-year-old pug named Noodle. The chubby sensation has no idea how much joy he brings to people of all ages. 

If you are still confused as to who I’m referring to, you’ve more than likely at least heard ”bones” and “no bones” days said in passing.

It all started when Jonathan Graziano began sharing whether or not his dog, Noodle, woke up with bones or not. Every day, Graziano posts onto the popular social media app TikTok, videos of him waking up Noodle seeing if he decides to stand or plop back down onto his fluffy dog bed and hit snooze. 

Noodle and his owner made an appearance on the TODAY Show on Oct. 20. 

Graziano spoke in the interview that he adopted Noodle when he was 7 1/2 years old and quickly realized that Noodle is going to tell it like it is. 

“If he doesn’t want to go on a walk, he’s going to do everything he can to prevent that from happening,” said Graziano in the interview. 

Some question why this seemingly ordinary pug has caused such a commotion, to that 

The purpose of a no bones day is to lay low and not take as many risks. Whereas on a ‘bones’ day, treat yourself, take risks, head out into the world and take it by storm. 

On a ‘bones’ day  “treat yourself today,” Graziano said. 

On a ‘no bones’ day, “It’s probably not the day you call your sister and tell her you hate her husband,” Graziano said. 

  Noodle has become such an inspiration to people that they’ve even created songs about him. TikTok creators such as fabulousjustina and notthemaincharacters have made the most popular songs about him. 

The only minor complaint that people seem to have is that it takes so long for everyone to find out whether it will be a ‘bones’ or ‘no bones’ day. Noodle has a fan base that spans the entire globe, not just the United States. 

  Vinny Marchi shared a TikTok about the worst part of moving to Ireland. “We are at a 5-hour difference. So I have to wait until 3 o’clock every day to find out if it’s a bones day. Which is far too late in the day, things have already begun,” said Marchi.

Rumors of merchandise began to speculate after Graziano made a TikTok on Oct. 14 asking about what people would want to see. He seemed very interested in the possibility of visors being an option. 

  While the whole ordeal may seem trivial and insignificant, it has brought so much joy into people’s lives that no one seems to mind. 

“I need to know the state of the pug,” said Marchi. 

Don’t we all Marchi, don’t we all.