Starbucks or local Business

Maggie Flannery, Writer

Local businesses have been popping up all over in the past few years. Some of the best recommended coffee shops are Revocup, Pilgrim Coffee, and Sweet Teas. Most talk in the morning is if you have gotten coffee or not, and a lot of the time it is from Starbucks. 

 “I do not like coffee but I do like tea. Most of the time I drink it at home, sometimes from Starbucks but not everyday,” sophomore Asem Bishtawi said.

This is interesting because most people never get their coffee or tea at home. 

Baking teacher Anna Rooks favorite local coffee shop is called Sweet Teas. Rooks always likes coffee; it keeps her moving and teaching throughout the day. Rooks would normally have coffee at home but if she has time it is either Starbucks or Scooters. 

 “You know I think it all depends, they market a little bit more so I hear about it, and they put more into commercials,” Rooks said. 

Starbuck puts so much into marketing and has so many locations that people rely on this place. It is the same thing with places like McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell; they are everywhere. 

“Fast food wise Canes. Definitely Canes…the staff is friendly.” Bishtawi said. 

Rooks said her favorite fast food place is also a chicken place called Strips. Strips is nice and family friendly, Rooks said. 

More and more people over quarantine have started a small business and now that things are opening up again,.some of those businesses could become bigger. It is so cool that as a community we have been supporting these businesses. The next time you want to get coffee just remember to support the little guys by going to a local business. 

“It is something you are not expecting,” Bishtawi said about local businesses.