Reminiscing Summer


Gianna Comelli

summer sunset captured by Gianna Comelli

Gianna Comelli, Reporter

As the school bells ring and the weather begins to change, summer slowly comes to an end. The goodbye to a fun filled summer is avoided but we can all look back on some great memories, and look forward to new ones!

This summer was definitely a rebound from last year. Most masks were down, and people were outside.

“I spent my summer with my friends and family at the pool and enjoying my time off school,”senior Ellie Fritz said. Lounging with mutuals seemed to be a common activity.

Traveling to new places is always fun. Some took a trip through the states, others flew to different countries. Derek Parks, senior, took an exciting trip to the Outer Banks.

“We went around the island touring different places and learning a bit about the history of the Outer Banks” Parks said. 

This summer there were many different trends and activities to participate in. There were so many ranges of new fashion trends, popular music, and fun projects to pass time. 

Kate Marshall, junior, said “My favorite activity was probably just going to the lake with my friends,”. People enjoy visiting Olathe Lake, Shawnee Lake, and The Ozarks for some summer fun. 

Staying cool was definitely a challenge this year. With temperatures reaching into the hundreds, people had to find creative ways to keep a comfortable temp. Abby Davis, senior, said “The best way I stayed cool was by going to the pool”. Going to the pool is always a highlight for summer.

August rolled in quickly, and it’s officially school time. Although the year can be stressful, there’s so many things to look forward to. Make sure to participate in games, dances, clubs, and any other activities the school can offer! Jasmine Pippins, freshman, was so excited to start her new year. As her first day began she was ecstatic to, “get to meet new people and have new experiences”.

Good luck this school year! Even though the world is still in turmoil, create the best adventures and stories you can. Don’t forget this is your time to be young and free. Live your days with gratitude and optimism!