Fun Summer Activities to Do Now that Covid is Hopefully Winding Down

Sydney Slaton, Reporter

For those who have received the vaccine and are ready to enjoy summer, here are some things to do now that COVID cases are hopefully declining. 

Just like last summer, Black Bob Bay will be open starting May 24 with few COVID restrictions it seems. You can enjoy the water slides, lazy river, and multiple pools all summer long any time you like. Mill Creek and Oregon Trail pools will open a few days later on May 29 with few restrictions as well. 

Another fun way to spend time this summer is visiting all the fun activities offered at Olathe Lake. The small swimming beach opens on May 27 and for $8 Thursday through Sunday people can enjoy the sand, water, as well as the inflatable obstacle course for a couple of extra dollars. The marina will also be open this summer, it opened up May 1 for a few hours during the weekend but after May 23 it will be open at the same time as the swimming beach. 

One thing almost everyone loves besides swimming is rollercoasters! Worlds of Fun will open up for the summer on May 22, and Oceans of Fun will follow suit the following weekend on May 29. Later this summer park-goers can enjoy the Grand Carnivale from July 24 to August 8. Oceans of Fun is introducing its new Riptide Raceway this summer and it opens the same day the park does. It is a five-story tall slide with side by side tunnels for guests to race down on foam mats. As long as they are over 42 inches guests are welcome to speed down the 486-foot slide and see who wins. 

Practically everyone is excited to get out and enjoy this summer, and there are many great ways to spend the upcoming summer days. Whether you’re swimming, riding roller coasters, or racing down a five-story slide, make sure you’re staying safe and staying healthy.