Netflix’s Official VTuber

Don Davis

The streaming company Netflix recently announced a brand new VTuber. While this is certainly important news for the anime community, a large number of people may not know what a VTuber is.

A Virtual YouTuber, (or VTuber for short) is a YouTuber or live streamer that uses an anime-inspired avatar while recording or live streaming videos. While the trend has existed since 2010, it was only made popular when Kizuna AI coined the term “Virtual Youtuber” in 2016. Within 10 months Kizuna AI gained two million subscribers and other channels quickly popped up, also gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers. After a few more years VTubers had spread overseas from Japan, gaining millions of fans. That brings us to today, where many individuals and companies alike create VTubers for entertainment purposes.

Netflix has recently jumped on the bandwagon and created their own VTuber, N-ko (full name Mei Kurono.) Unlike regular VTubers; however, N-ko has a weekly talk show where she explores different animes and introduces them to the public. It was also announced that there may be things such as game commentaries coming soon to her channel. The first episode of her show has already been released and is on the “Netflix Anime” YouTube channel. If you’re new to anime and want a guide on what to watch, N-ko’s show is a great place to go.