‘Adorkable’ provides cliche yet enjoyable romance

Morgan Montgomery, Business Manager

The novel ‘Adorkable’ by Cookie O’Gorman is one I would highly recommend. It’s endearing in the fact that the main character is highly relatable to most highschool girls. Sally Spitz, the main character, is very much a socially awkward introvert who’s in love with her best friend, Becks. Becks is the stereotypical popular star of the soccer team. He’s tall, loveable, sweet, and undeniably sexy in every way. This is a very cliche friends to lovers book with a slight twist. 

Sally, or as Becks calls her, Sal, makes a plan to get a fake boyfriend after her mom and second best friend set her up on countless dates. The solution is simple. Get Becks to do it. Becks complies willingly, and all is well. He gives Sal PDA lessons in his bedroom, as she’s never had a boyfriend and therefore knows nothing of the subject. All they have to do is convince their families and friends, and it’s only for a couple of months, no harm no foul, right? Wrong.

When Sal begins to get caught up in the relationship, things get complicated. She starts pulling back, folding into herself, getting jealous when people, especially the hot popular girl, rub Beck’s stubbly cheek for good luck. She falls deeper in love with him, despite her efforts to try to fall out. There are many sweet interactions between the two main characters. The book has you rooting for the couple all throughout the book, wishing and hoping they get together for real in the end. 

There are lots of nerd book and movie references. There’s StarWars, Sal’s all time favorite, Tombstone, a great movie about Wyatt Earp, and Harry Potter. The writing style is very much the typical YA romance writing, but it captures the essence of the teenage mind better than some others. If you like author Kasie West, you will probably enjoy O’Gorman’s novels too. When I write, I use her, especially this novel in particular, as inspiration. 

This book is one of my favorites of all time and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, and predictable, read. The predictability is one thing I love about the book. You know the ending before you even read the book, but the middle and the experiences of the characters are what make it fun to read. It’s the same ending with a different story, and that’s what makes it so beautiful.