Things That Have Gotten Better Now That the Wi-Fi is Back

Sydney Slaton, Reporter

Students are excited that the Wi-Fi came back as many have been complaining that they get no service on campus and that they can’t use their phones in class, whether that be to communicate to their ride or accessing classwork or e-hallpass when their laptop isn’t available. 

When the teachers gave out the Wi-Fi password last Friday many were shocked. Students haven’t had access to the Wi-Fi since last March and almost no one expected they’d be able to again. At first, there were problems staying connected and many were angry that certain apps like Snapchat still didn’t work.  

Things have been better now that students have access to Wi-Fi. Now that the Wi-Fi is back students can text or call their ride after school to figure out where they need to be and when their ride will be there. Or if two students need to find each other after school they don’t need to go looking for them, they can just text each other to find out where they should meet. 

Another problem that students don’t have to deal with is what to do when they don’t have their laptops. When they forgot their laptops or their laptops died, students would have to either carry a charger everywhere or make up the work after school on top of their usual homework. Now, if need be, students can access their online classwork on their phones so they can participate in class with the rest of their peers. 

Many students’ teachers have them turn physical homework in online, which gets tricky because the easiest way to do that is to take a picture of it or scan it in on their phones and upload it to Google Classroom or StudentVue. Since both require Wi-Fi, students have to wait until they get home to turn in their assignments even if they finished them in class, which makes it more likely that they’ll forget and it will be counted as a missing assignment. Now if students finish their work in class they can use their phones to turn it in to make sure it’s not late. 

Now that the Wi-Fi is back many things have changed for the better, and while there are still a few downsides, many believe that it’s better than before.