Wonder Egg Priority, Best Anime of the Winter Season


Don Davis

Warning: This article may contain topics that some readers find disturbing.


Wonder Egg Priority is the mysterious story that has taken the anime community by storm in the winter 2021 anime season. The story follows Ai Ohto, a schoolgirl who becomes a shut-in after the death of her best and only friend, Koito. Ai tries to cope with the loss but is then contacted by paranormal forces who say they can bring her friend back to life. Ai must overcome life or death challenges as part of a trial to bring Koito back; along the way Ai also meets new some new friends including Momoe Sawaki, Neiru Aonuma, and Rika Kawai. With the help of her friends Ai attempts trails thrown at her.


Brief synopsis of each character:


Ai Ohto:

Ai is a shy schoolgirl who is bullied for her heterochromia, she manages to make one friend named Koito Nagase. Koito, however, suddenly commits suicide and Ai becomes a shut-in. Throughout the story Ai attempts to bring Koito back and figure out why she committed suicide. 


Momoe Sawaki:

Momoe is a tall girl who is commonly mistaken for a man, she deals with constant judgement and harassment. She becomes friends with Ai after Ai recognizes her as a girl when nobody else would. Momoe helps Ai with her challenges while trying to figure out her own past and mistakes.


Neiru Aonuma:

Neiru is a schoolgirl who is also the president of a large company. After her sister committed suicide, she was contacted by the same mysterious forces that contacted Ai. She meets Ai while completing challenges to bring her sister back, together they tackle the challenges thrown at them in hopes of bringing their friends and family back.


Rika Kawai:

Rika is a junior idol who quit after indirectly causing the death of a fan. Rika has an upbeat personality and can be seen as sassy. She meets Ai and Neiru while completing challenges to bring her fan back to life. Rika can be seen as the soul of the group, giving everyone happiness and comfort in tough times. 


Wonder Egg Priority is a magnificent mystery of the four girls; with a story similar to that of Madoka Magica and Flip Flappers, where they try to find out who they really are and save their friends.

The show is currently streaming on Funimation with new episodes coming out every Tuesday.