Check Please Debuts This Wednesday!


Poster by junior Molly McBride.

Scott Letourneau, Reporter

        The Olathe South Repertory Theatre classes will perform in front of a live audience for the first time in almost a year. Following up A Midsummer Night’s Dream from last year on Feb. 22, Check, Please will mark Rep Theatre’s comeback on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

        Check, Please is a comedy directed by Theatre teacher David Hastings about horrible blind dates with absurd characters and bizarre scenarios. The play is separated into three acts with different casts and new characters, giving morning and afternoon classes a chance to perform in the show, such as the student who plays the male lead in the first act, junior Jack Cannell.

        “The show itself is kind of like an SNL skit,” Cannell said. “Some of the jokes land really well and others fall very flat but overall it’s funny.”

        Because of the short timeframe the students had to work on this show, there has been an apparent emphasis on memorization, even more so than what is typical for shows.

        “If you don’t know your lines, you could mess up someone else’s cues,” Hastings said. “Memorization is a prerequisite for acting.”

     Despite the aforementioned short timeframe, most of the students understood the importance of memorizing their lines and accepted their responsibilities as actors.

     “In every cast there are people who don’t memorize their lines and this issue is exasperated in classroom shows,” Cannell said. “The expectations and the punishment of failing to meet them is vital for a good show.

     The Olathe South Repertory Theatre classes’ one-night performance of Check, Please debuts this Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

     “It’s going to be so good to make people laugh again,” Hastings said. “People are going to be so happy to see us perform!”