All American Continues to Impress With Season 3 Release

I will be talking about All American, All American was one of the most popular shows on Netflix and CW last year. It is based on a football player named Spencer James. I want to give my reactions to the first two seasons and then share how I feel about how they started off season three. For Spencer, life wasn’t too easy, he lived his whole life in a run down area where he struggled in everything but football, which I found cool because he is then given the choice to go to Beverly Hills High with his offer from Coach Baker to play football. Spencer changed the whole culture of the school, it was very entertaining to watch his impact on the school and people around him. They win the state championship and all is good but then everything seems to become dramatized and monotonous for not only Spencer, but for Coach Baker as well. It is discovered that he had an affair with Grace James, Spencer’s mother. 

Laura, Coach Baker’s wife, kicks him out of the house and Coach Baker is forced to rekindle his relationship with his father while staying at his house. I found this unnecessary, it didn’t impact Spencer much and kind of just killed Coach Baker as a person. After that Spencer meets his dad and after allowing him back into his life again, he dies in front of him.The loss of Spencer’s father encourages not only him to save South Crenshaw High, but Billy Baker as well. I found the loss of his father devastating, I would’ve found it more interesting to have Coach James and Coach Baker face off throughout the year and in the state championship. 

There is a common consensus that the first season is great and the second season isn’t very entertaining due to how much drama there is and less football, I agree with this opinion, I do expect season three to pick up where season two left off though. Not in the sense that it will be bad but more so that the story will progress and be more football than drama again.The biggest question of all is will Spencer be healthy enough to continue playing football? His doctor cleared him and said it was fully healed, which is a relief. That move was necessary for the show to progress forward.

The school board suggests that the school turn into a magnet school, Spencer uses his senior year as his last chance to save the school and it’s football program. Billy Baker saw it as an opportunity to finally coach with Corey James in a way and maintain the winning tradition that the school carries. They officially join the rival school and leave the Beverly Eagles behind. And their new partnership seems unbeatable. The two friends are on their way to participating in a great season of football.

The show did a good job of connecting and building off of season two, the first episode of Season 3 grabbed my attention right away. If you’re looking for the show to not continue on with the drama from Billy Baker’s family and Spencer James’ mom then this isn’t the season for you. Olivia continues to struggle but her character development is very fun to watch and Spencer’s games are going to be very entertaining. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate the first episode a 9/10. I have high hopes for season three.