‘Unbroken’ provides inspiring story

Rachel Pierson, Reporter

Movies based on true stories have been around for quite a while. “Unbroken” is a true story based on World War II veteran, Louie Zamperini.

It contains inspiring perseverance and inner strength that is refreshing to see.

The movie is a typical war story, but it twists when Zamperini’s personal struggle is highlighted more than the violent fighting between two parties.

Actor Jack O’Connell, star of “Unbroken,” makes the perfect Zamperini.

His raw emotion and ability to make the character come to life conveys the inner, as well as outer, conflict of Zamperini.

The inspiring and intense movie includes happy moments in Zamperini’s life as well as troubling times. However, his perseverance and determination serve as an inspiration for anyone who sees the movie.

After spending 47 days afloat in the ocean, Zamperini is captured by the Japanese navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.

He was hopeful that rescue had finally come, but in actuality he was transferred from one terrible situation to another.

However, Zamperini does not give up and even though he has reason to break, he doesn’t. His strength and personal perseverance is evident.

Angelina Jolie, director of “Unbroken,” has been successful in creating a jaw-dropping story and in bringing Zamperini’s story to life.

Along with producing “Maleficent,” Jolie has proven once again that she can create great movies.

The book “Unbroken,” written by Laura Hillenbrand, is one of the longest-running New York Times best sellers and deemed by Time magazine as the best nonfiction book of the year.

Even though Zamperini is put through many troubling times, he still perseveres and is able to pull through.

I highly reccommend going to see this movie even if you prefer comedies or romantic movies.

Originally premiering on Dec. 25,  “Unbroken” is still in theatres now; however, you won’t have to wait much longer before it comes out on DVD.

If you like action-packed, exciting movies based on true stories, then “Unbroken” is the movie you should see at your next trip to the movie theatre.