Students debate morning versus afternoon hybrid

Emily Gray, Copy Editor

High school students in the Olathe School District started a half day hybrid model on Oct. 19. Students were split by last name into either the morning or afternoon session with some exceptions for people who had prior commitments in their allotted time. Senior Truman Gilner, who is part of the morning session, said that class in the morning has been more beneficial to him than class on Zoom. 

“I feel like I’m learning a lot more than if I was at home and going to school gives my day more of a structure that I can work with,” Gilner stated.

Gilner also says that being the part of the morning session has been better for him than he thinks the afternoon session would have been.

“Having the morning session gets school out of the way and I don’t have to worry about getting my homework done as I am already up and have all afternoon to do it,” Gilner says.

However, Gilner does feel as though he is missing out on some things by not being in the afternoon session. 

“I dislike the fact that it’s split because I don’t get to see all my friends, I only see about half,” Gilner stated.

Because of how hybrid is set up, Gilner also has “online” school time which takes place during the other half of the would-be school day.

“I try to knock out all of my homework, practice my instrument for band, and sometimes I take a break just to relax during my online school time,” Gilner said. 

Gilner is not the only one enjoying his session. Senior Riley Vandaveer, who is in the afternoon session, feels as though his session is more beneficial to his needs. 

“The benefits to coming to school at my session is that I get to relax/work on homework in the morning, which is nice because I really enjoy the morning, and I get to go straight to practice after school, with no worry of being late,” Vandaveer stated.

Vandaveer does not have to be at school until 11:45 a.m. which gives him time in the morning to get other things, including homework, done.

“I normally get my homework done for that day the night before, but in the mornings I sometimes like to work ahead and once that’s done, I like to read my book or relax in another manner,” Vandaveer said. 

While Gilner believes his session is more ideal, Vandaveer also thinks that the afternoon session is better. 

“I like the routine I have going, and I feel having school in the afternoon allows me to relax, which, I personally, would not be able to do if I had school in the morning,” Vandaveer stated.

It is unclear just how long hybrid learning will continue, but it is safe to say that each session has its own pros and cons. Both students agree however that just being back in school is the ideal situation.

“I enjoy being around people and being able to talk with them helps me be more engaged with the lesson,” Vandaveer said.