Ariana Grande’s New Album Positions

Gianna Comelli, Reporter


R&B queen Ariana Grande released her new album Positions Oct 30. The album features Ty Dolla $ign, The Weeknd and Doja Cat with 14 energetic new songs. 

In contrast to the last album, Thank You Next, this album talks more about being in love with both a significant other and herself. Grande’s new boyfriend seems to have her back on her feet, and it shows through the lyrics.

In the popular hit “POV,” Grande says “I wanna love me, the way that you love me,” referring to her boyfriend Dalton Gomez. I loved this line because not only does it show how she’s working on self love, but it recognizes the love she feels from Gomez. Grande has struggled with her mental health ever since the Manchester Bombing, following many other traumatic events. It’s good to see her finally begin to find peace in her busy life.

Another one of my favorites would be “Shut Up”. Grande definitely expresses through her perfectly composed runs that she won’t be putting up with anything less than what she deserves. If anyone has something to say about it they can simply “shut up”. The orchestra in the background was a nice touch. It gave an elegant, and airy feeling. This song begins the album with a sense of clarity and assertiveness. Grande is here to serve us talent. 

This album came with a new sound differing from the usual R&B tunes Grande creates. I really enjoyed the change in beats. If you’re looking for a new sound from Grande, “Off the Table,” “Safety Net, My Hair,” and “Love Language,” are all a good place to start. I’d say these are her most diverse songs on the album. 

The only song I don’t love is “Westside,” it reminds me a lot of her older songs. Don’t get me wrong, I love old Ari, but her newer sound is groovier. “Westside” is slow and almost boring. I didn’t love the background music to go along with it either; it seemed a bit bland. It makes the song boring and plain. In my opinion, if the bass was more prominent and she put some different harmonies in the song, it would be much more enjoyable.

Overall, I’d say this album is one of her best. Regardless if you like Grande or not, her effort and dedication shines through every beat and whistle tone. Give it a listen.