80’s Fashion Takeover

Ember Schroer, Reporter

The fashion industry has come quite a long way but recently things from the past keep popping up in modern trends. The 80’s seem to have taken over modern fashion from runways to everyday Streetwear. Here are some of the major trends easy to spot today. 

What better way is there to start off this list than the famous Mullet. This business in front and party in back hairstyle was rocked by many 80’s celebrities, from actors like John Stamos to rockers like David Bowie. The mullet is a style worn cut short in the front and long in the back. You can see this cut on modern celebrities today like musicians Miley Cyrus and Rhianna. Even actress Zendaya wore the hairstyle to the 2016 Grammys. 

The ripped jean was fashioned in the 80’s with patches and crazy leggings or tights. Madonna was commonly seen wearing ripped jeans with a casual outfit, pairing the jeans with t-shirt and leather jacket. Now you can see ripped jeans everywhere. Even just going out to a local grocery store and you’ll see someone rocking the distressed jeans. Neon makeup and eyeliner is coming back. Many 80’s icons would work the bright colored eye makeup. Now Instagram influencers like Abby Roberts and James Charles are taking over the makeup world with the bright makeup.

 A popular accessory in the 80’s were chains: Biker chains, neck chains and chains as earrings. All these were worn commonly in the 80’s. Recently growing popularity on Tiktok chains have become part of everyday outfits especially the biker chain. Scrunchies came back as well from a TikTok trend VSCO Girls. Scrunchies were a necessity in the wardrobe of a 80’s teenage girl. Now they are commonly worn today. 

High Waisted Boyfriend jeans were a common thing worn in the 80’s, usually paired with a simple tucked in t-shirt or pullover. Now they are back stronger than ever. High waisted pants are seen everywhere. Even on runways, The Pre-Fall 2019 Vogue runway brought a new meaning to highwaisted and ever since then things have never been the same. High Waisted dress pants, jeans, and even leggings can easily be found in a closet today.

From jeans to makeup the past is taking over and the 80’s don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.