Minecraft Steve to join Smash Ultimate


Minecraft Steve to be the newest addition to Smash Ultimate.

Grace Price, Managing Editor

Nintendo finally announced the next fighter on their Fighter Pass Vol. 2 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Minecraft Steve. In a livestream on Nintendo’s YouTube account on Oct. 1, Minecraft Steve was introduced, along with his alternate skins Alex, Zombie and Enderman, as well as a new stage. 

The announcement follows months of fans begging for Minecraft Steve to be added. This new character will include a new moveset based around placing blocks. Sakurai, the creator of Smash Ultimate, said the newest addition was a big challenge for him and his team as they had to rework preexisting stages to handle the new block building feature. 

The Fighter Pass Vol 2. can be purchased for $29.99, giving access to Steve, as well as the release prior: Minmin from Nintendo’s “Arms”. The pass also includes four more fighters who have yet to be announced. For just the newest additions from Minecraft, players can purchase the Challenger Pack 7 for $5.99. This gives access to Steve, his alternate skins, a new stage, and several new music tracks. 

Sakurai has another livestream planned for Oct. 3 at 9:30am that will show more of Steve’s new moves and playability. Additionally, he plans to announce the official release date for the new characters. 

View the announcement at https://youtu.be/TaDhtEcX1TM