Student Debt Crisis

Mandi Marstall, Reporter

Many seniors are planning to attend college after highschool. The burden of the cost of college can determine where they plan to attend. Many students don’t want to come out of college with a lot of student debt so they go to a college that has a lower tuition cost. 

Kansas State tuitions is about $10,500 for in state students. The tuition for out of state students is around $26,400. The cost for room and board at the university is $9,500.

The University of Kansas tuition for Kansas residents is about $10,100. For out of school students it is about $27,000. The cost for room and board for in school students comes out at about $10,300 for both in school and out of school students.  

Wichita State University has a much lower in state tuition cost than Kansas State and University of Kansas. Tuition for in state students attending Wichita State is around $8,300. Out of state students tuition is a little higher at around $17,500. 

Students also have other expenses they have to pay during college including their books and any other day to day things they need. The total amount of student loans reached an all time high in 2019 at $1.41 trillion according to the credit reporting agency Experian. The average student loan debt per person is about $31, 200. 

I asked seniors how they plan to pay for college in the next four years. Senior Wesley Coats who will be attending Kansas State University said “My parents will pay for half of my cost and my grandparents will pay for the other half. Nothing will be coming out of my wallet.” 

Parents help their children get that boost to start their career but others aren’t as fortunate. Senior Hannah Holliday who will be attending Wichita State University said “I am hoping to use a lot of scholarships to pay for college. I will also be working at the writing center at Wichita State to earn money. My parents will chip in a little to help me out.

“Some students have to pull out some loans that they will pay off later after college. Senior Byran Johnson who will attend Kansas University will use the scholarships he earned to pay for college as well as loans and the help of his parents.” 

To graduate debt free would be a dream come true for many students but that has not been the case for a majority of college graduates. About 70% of students graduate with debt.