Fantastic Plants and Where to Find Them


Hannah Holliday, Copy Editor

Do you need something to brighten up your living space? Are you tired of killing everything you touch? This list of aesthetic, hard-to-kill plants is for you.


Aloe Vera: This plant is not only hard to kill, but it also has amazing health benefits. Aloe can be harvested to treat burns, heal wounds, and lighten scars. According to Nell from the blog Joy Us Garden, the best way to harvest aloe is to “take the whole leaf off, all the way back to the base or main stem” with a clean, sharp knife. Aloe vera is easy to grow but also easy to overwater. They need to be watered every two to four weeks; you’ll know when to water when the soil is completely dry. The plant needs direct sunlight but cannot be kept in hot windowsills. They must be rotated every six months to make sunlight coverage even. Aloe vera can be found at almost every store that carries plants, from grocery stores, to hardware store garden centers, to plant nurseries.


Catnip: This plant doesn’t just attract cats; it also makes for a delicious tea. Catnip is part of the mint family, and is an ingredient in many teas and exotic dishes. It needs full sun to grow and, depending on the conditions and the pot, can grow to 2-4 feet tall. Grow in moderation if you have cats- it can affect your cats’ behavior. Catnip can be bought at most pet stores.


Cacti and Succulents: These plants are amazing for college students who are moving away for college- many cacti and succulents are very hard to kill, even in transportation. They can be ignored for months at a time. Avoid harsh sunlight or the plant can yellow, and the soil must dry out completely before watering again. These plants grow in a variety of different colors  and styles and can brighten up any room. Cacti and succulents can be bought year round in most stores that carry garden supplies.


Marimo Moss Balls: Can’t have a pet in your house or dorm room? These are a good substitute. They can be pet and must be squeezed out from time to time to reduce the chance of algae buildup. When they photosynthesize, they float to the top of the container. The only upkeep they need is their water needs to be replaced when it starts to look unclean, usually around every two to four weeks. Moss balls are extremely aesthetic and can be kept in almost any container with any type or color of rocks or plants, or nothing at all. Moss balls can be found in some aquatic stores, but it is easier to buy them online. Many websites specialize in the growing and selling of marimo moss balls in many different sizes. 


Bamboo: Need another aesthetic plant? Bamboo is perfect. They come in many shapes and sizes and are best grown in a container filled with water instead of soil, such as a vase, with water kept a half inch above the roots. Avoid harsh sunlight. According to superstition, bamboo can bring fortune and prosperity for at least a year. Bamboo can be purchased in almost any floral store or grocery store floral department.


Note: Many plants are poisonous to pets. Lilies, daffodils, and tulips are only a few plants that can cause hospital trips. It is important to do research before introducing a plant to a pet’s home and consider where plants will be placed.