Big Hit Labels aiming for a more successful year

Gagani Liyanawaduge, Reporter-Artist

Big Hit Labels aiming for a more successful year.


Big Hit Labels is aiming for more success than last year, and are using many methods to gain that success. 

With the new album Map of the Soul: 7 coming out on February 21, BTS is having another tour this year; the Map of the Soul Tour. The tour will start on April 11 in Seoul, Korea, and will end on September 2 in Tokyo, Japan. Big Hit plans on making this tour more extravagant than the last one. 

Big Hit Entertainment, released in their video, “Corporate Briefing with the Community” that they have bigger plans for this tour than last year’s tour. At every tour stop on the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour, there were BTS Pop-up stores that had location-specific tour merchandise. Big Hit said that they are planning on having pop-up stores at the tour stops this time too, but will also have a BTS-themed hotel, cafe, and more. 

The company is hoping to improve the fans’ experience by adding these events to the tour. Big Hit has been emphasizing how important the fans and their experiences are, and believes that the fans are the “most integral part” of the “Big Hit winning formula” that was mentioned in the “Corporate Briefing with the Community”. 

Big Hit entertainment also recently acquired Source Music, Belift, and Pledis Entertainment, which will expand the Big Hit family. Their plan is to have the different labels specialize with different types of groups: Source with girl groups, Belift with international groups, and Big Hit will most likely be specializing in boy groups. Big Hit also has branches of the company that specialize in non-music projects, such as Big Hit Three Sixty, beNX, and Big Hit IP. Big Hit Three Sixty handles album distribution, media content, concerts, partnerships, and more. beNx specializes in running the digital platforms and the Big Hit official shop. Big Hit IP specializes in customer service. 

With all of these plans for the year, Big Hit believes they will achieve their goal of increased success compared to last year.