Intro to podcasts and their many benefits

Megan Stoerman, Editor-In-Chief

When it comes to catching up on the latest books, learning about food, hearing stories from sports influences about a specific game, or even gaining information from the news, individuals today have a multitude of ways to access the “goings on” of society. One of these ways that many enjoy and some do not even know about are podcasts.

Podcasts are online talk shows that listeners can tune into wherever they get their music online such as Spotify, on the Podcasts app on Apple devices, and Google Podcasts app on Android devices. Typically, podcasts are released in episodes or installments in the same series with new topics in each episode or a continuation of the last.

When it comes to finding what podcast to listen to, there are a variety of avenues. On Spotify there is the “Overdue” podcast that talks about books that many have wanted to read but do not have the time to read them all the way through or are more interested in just learning the highlights so they know what their friends are talking about. Another podcast is “Bon Appétit Foodcast” where the Bon Appétit chefs and writers from the company talk all things food.

There are also podcasts to relay the latest in sports such as “The Ringer NBA Show” where hosts discuss the latest and greatest in the world of national basketball. Another sports podcast is “Puck Soup” where Greg Wyshynski and Sean McIndoe relay the latest in hockey and its fandom.

Many like to get their update on the news from podcasts during their daily commute or even while doing things around the house or at work. Some podcasts that will lay down the nitty gritty of all things news related are “The Daily” from the New York Times, “The Journal” from the Wall Street Journal, and NPR’s “Up Firs,” to name a few.

One last featured avenue of podcasts are ones that are sure to make you laugh. One such podcast is  “Office Ladies” where hosts Jenna Fischer who played Pam and Angela Kinsey who played Angela on popular television show “The Office” watched it over again and created a podcast including some secret behind the scenes content from the show and details from some episodes. Another is “Ear Biscuits” from YouTube starring Rhett and Link from the channel “Good Mythical Morning.” These life-long friends record their funny banter for about an hour of knee-slapping goodness.

All in all, podcasts can be a great outlet to hear the news, learn about sports, laugh out loud and much more.