Controversy over Frozen II

Emily Gray, Reporter

Disney’s “Frozen II” was one of the most hyped up films of 2019. Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna, told Women’s Day magazine that “one could argue that [Frozen Two] is for an older audience,” instead of the younger audience that the first “Frozen” attracted.

Although the characters may have become more “developed,” the overall appeal was still directed towards a younger audience rather than teenagers and adults. The character development in the beginning half of the movie was basically nonexistent. In fact, Anna seemed to be so concerned with Elsa that her growth actually seemed to regress. She became a clingy, anxious person who constantly wanted to be with Elsa and know where she is at all times. This became an annoying factor throughout the movie as much of my focus went towards Anna worrying about her sister. It is only towards the ending of the movie where Anna and Elsa are separated that Anna finally grows a backbone and starts to do things for Arendelle, instead of solely for Elsa.

That’s not to say the entire movie is bad; the second half of the movie was much better than the first. Action become more prominent as the movie escalated to its climax. This is the point when the movie became more suited for teenagers and adults. At this point, I was still a little skeptical about where the movie was going, but once the credits started rolling in I was won over.

The second half completely made up for the confusion in the first. The story seemed stronger and if they had done what they did with the second had during the entire movie then I believe that the hype would have totally been worth it. Unfortunately, I do not think that the movie was as great as expected. Although the ending was done beautifully, the beginning just put the movie into a negative view. Overall, I think younger kids would enjoy this more than young adults as the plot was more suited towards them.