A Guide to Being Bored in Class

A Guide to Being Bored in Class

Kaylin Brazil, Reporter


We all know that one class that drains all form of life out of our already depleted bodies. The teachers that monologue about a horrifying concoction of their families and schoolwork . The class that you need to listen to and you need the A from but you just can’t help but daydream about attending your next period. This is a guide for that class, of what to do so your precious mind doesn’t waste away for 48 minutes. 

We all know that there are a plethora of unblocked games online, but sometimes that’s not enough. A recommended download is “Pokemon Uranium” a fan created game meant to please the original Pokemon lovers. It doesn’t need a wifi connection so even when the school network fails you can still catch them all. One game that is bound to please, is Halo:Combat Evolved, this game offers great RPG and Campaign so you can save the universe from the safety of your seat. Although a lot of the downloads Google provides will give your computer viruses so, obtain this file of fun at your own risk.

 If you want to stay refuge of the internet’s unblocked realm, a good place to go is Zillow, a real estate site, put your price range higher than your richest dreams and gaze at houses in your area that you can only wish to flourish in. 

 But what about if a teacher doesn’t allow phones or laptops, a good proposal is to extend your acquaintance to your shoulder partner and play a nice game of tic tac toe, or hangman. Not only will you demolish your boredom you’ll also make a nice buddy. But if you’re as introverted as most of the population then maybe that doesn’t sound as appetizing to you, but that doesn’t mean you have to rot away behind a bland desk. For this game all you need is a blank space of paper, a writing utensil, and your mind. Try to think of something that you love and draw it with your eyes closed or while looking at the teacher so you can at least display a look of paying attention. 

Finally this last boredom breaker, is something for all ages in all classrooms, pay attention to the teacher and take notes. Because they’re more educated than you are.