“Six Lethargies” by Keaton Henson

Faith Holliday, Business Manager

Keaton Henson released his latest album “Six Lethargies” on Oct. 25. The album consists of seven movements including “Initium”, “Unease Concerto” and “Breathing Out”.

In contrast with Henson’s other albums, “Six Lethargies” takes a more classical approach to music as a whole. 

Henson is an English songwriter, composer, and visual artist. According to Mercury KX, his record label, he is not able to read music. Instead, he expresses his personal experiences with drawings and paintings and then begins pulling themes and melodies.

“The album explores themes of trauma, empathy, mental illness, and the relationship between music and emotion,” Mercury KX stated on Twitter.

Having personal experience with mental illness, Henson connects his listeners with his music by providing accurate depictions of different emotions. In “The Falling”, the piece begins with soft orchestral nuances and ends with a chaotic jumble of different instruments underneath a tense violin solo. This piece portrays the slow descent into darkness that many with depression fall into.

“Trauma/ In Chao” is a piece that is almost hard to listen to. The sound builds in intensity until the very end where it’s nearly unbearable. The artistry in this piece is undeniable and provides listeners with commentary on the realities of trauma.

If you struggle with mental health or appreciate classical music, this is the album for you.

“Six Lethargies” is available to stream on Spotify, Google Play, and Deezer.