PRETTYMUCH and CNCO make boyband history with their single “Me Necesita”

Morgan Montgomery, Reporter

Boybands PRETTYMUCH and CNCO’s collaboration on Me Necesita made boyband history with their single “Me Necesita”. 

The song came out October 22 and rocked the world of all BEANZ and CNCOwners. CNCO’s Joel Pimentel starts the song in spanish, then part of the verse is english, but then it goes back and forth between the two languages. The title, “Me Necesita” translates to “she needs me”. The context of “she needs me” is not sweet and innocent, it is a sexual reference, the lyrics of the chorus being “(Uno) she want that. (Dos) I give that. (Tres) she come back, Me Necesita.” “Me Necesita” is a very good song in all. It has a great beat, as do all of PRETTYMUCH’s songs. 

A collaboration of two boybands would have been unheard of in the 90s. *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys are rivals, as were most boybands because they were competition, they wanted to beat each other out. “Me Necesita” is the very first boyband collaboration to ever be made. It was a huge hit among both of the boybands fandoms, proving that boyband fandoms can live together in peace.