Marvel Studios provides hope for Spider-Man fans


Hunter Daniel, Reporter

Spider-Man (Tom Holland) will survive a web of greed from the Sony and Disney deal falling apart. After long tensions between the two companies regarding a new deal, a new contract has been signed: Spider-Man will be staying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the MCU, for now. The new deal consists of six film deals with an optional seventh. After the third installment in the Peter Parkers High School trilogy, Sony and Disney plan on having the next Spider-Man trilogy setting take place in college with a possible team up between Firestar and Ice Man. The other three would take place in the Avenger’s franchise. Marvel Studios will co-finance the live-action Spider-Verse spinoffs. The anti-hero, Venom, will be relocated to the MCU. Sony will be given permission for the live action television programs based on the Spider-Verse. Disney wants this deal done some time before Saturday Aug. 23, Marvel panel at the D23 Expo. If Sony would be bought by another company, all rights would go back to Disney. In the old Sony and Disney agreement, Sony would get 70% income from the MCU movies while Disney would have 30% from the movies. The deal fell apart when Disney wanted a 50/50 income from their shared universe.