K-pop Idol Sulli found dead in apartment

Gagani Liyanawaduge, Reporter-Artist

K-pop idol Sulli, real name Choi Jin-ri and a former member of the group f(x), was found dead in her home near Seoul on October 14th of 2019. 

The K-pop industry is a big part of the Korean economy. Many K-pop idols do not get to debut until after they have trained for many years, and the process is very exhausting. 

Sulli had been suffering from severe depression and was a victim of abuse online, this caused her to suspend her work. She was being attacked online for her individuality and her beliefs that were thought of as wrong by the online community. 

Her death was “very hard to believe and sorrowful,” said SM Entertainment, Sulli’s agency.

Idols are always considered models for their fans, and because of Sulli’s sexuality and rumors about her doing drugs after she had portrayed a drug user in a movie, she started to get hate from netizens online. 

“She brazenly spoke out based on her own beliefs. These nonconforming, loud and bold female stars have to risk their entire career to be who they are,” said Yoonha Kim in an article for BBC.