Student talk about job at boba shop

Emily Gray, Reporter

Ally Hansen, senior, spends her days working at a boba tea shops, Fat Bee.
“I went there often and saw they were hiring so I applied,” Hansen said.
Hansen makes drinks and smoothies, cooks boba, brews teas, and helps run the social media accounts for Fat Bee.
“I hope to own my own café or bakery in the future,” Hansen stated.
With how much she is at her job, she has to balance work and school.
“It’s hard because I work a lot. My shifts are always six hours, so if I work after school I don’t have time for homework, so I try to use my study hall to do it,” Hansen said.
Hansen would rate her job an eight out of 10. She also works at another location called Ari Delights, which is a tea bar with boba.
“My favorite part of my job is making people happy through drinks that I made, and hanging out with my coworkers,” Hansen stated.