The New Generation of Boybands

Morgan Montgomery, Reporter

Why Don’t We and PRETTYMUCH are both upcoming boybands that formed in 2016. They have similarities, but are also very different.

Why Don’t We is influenced by Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and Drake. Their songs are geared toward all types of audiences. The members, Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, and Zach Herron, all had musical careers before the band and have released at least one song. Jonah even recorded a whole EP called “When The Daylight’s Gone”. Why Don’t We have released a different song every month of 2019, their  latest being “What Am I”. Some of their songs are very dance-worthy, for instance, “These Girls”, “I Don’t Belong In This Club”, and “Trust Fund Baby”. Whereas others have a softer melody and are emotion-driven, like “8 Letters”, “In Too Deep”, and “Hard”. Why Don’t We has released five EPs, including a Christmas album, and one album, “8 Letters”. They are currently on the 8 Letters World Tour, which is ending in December of 2019. Why Don’t We have a very pop-ish sound. They have a couple songs with a latin influence, like “Come to Brazil” and “Friends”. Why Don’t We are like *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys in the sense that their songs have an innocence that PRETTYMUCH and New Kids On The Block don’t have.

PRETTYMUCH- made up of Austin Porter, Nick Mara, Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu, and Brandon Arreaga- writes and produces all of their newer music. They are inspired musically by Michael Jackson and Boyz II Men, they all have different inspiration and the music they make is a mix of many genres. They were created by Simon Cowell and flourished. They just recently ended their FOMO tour. They have released three EPs, their latest being the “Phases EP”. Many of their songs are bops, like their newest “Rock Witchu”,  and older ones such as “Would You Mind”, and “Jello”. They also have songs that speak from the heart, like “4U”, “Lying”, and “Temporary Heart”. In almost every music video they have ever produced as a band, there is choreography. They are geared more toward a mature audience. Almost all of their songs are beat-driven, making them sound fun to the ear. They have collaborated with a lot of other people, such as French Montana, Rich the Kid, and Lil’ Tjay. Their sound is almost like a New Kids On The Block, they are not just innocent, mindless songs, they have mature topics and are fun songs. 

Why Don’t We and PRETTYMUCH both steal the hearts of everyone that hears them and are becoming more popular. Both PRETTYMUCH and Why Don’t We could be the next generation New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.