Video games and violence

Colton Mudloff

Ever since the amount of violence carried out by young people has increased in frequency and severity, people have been blaming the violence on violent video games. The most common claim is that video games desensitize young people to violence as they act out the violence in the games they play. This link is still drawn despite a lack of evidence of how often the young shooters had been playing games or what kind of games they had played.

Those who claim that video games cause violence have often already been wrong about what is problematic for society. Things such as metal music, grunge rap, and rock and roll were all at one point said to be the end of society. As it turns out, none of those trends have ended society. So, what points to video games being the end of society?

As of right now, there is only a coincidental link between these violent individuals and video games. With how many young people play video games, one could go back as far as they want and point to any game to try and prove their argument. Games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Insurgency, and Doom have, at some point, been under fire for causing violence due to their depiction of realistic violence.

It is likely that these individuals who act out these violent attacks have severe mental health issues. It is not normal for individuals to play games then go outside and treat normal, innocent people like targets.

This debate is not likely to end soon, but more evidence proving the faulty argument of video games causing violence is piling up and may be accepted more openly in the future.