Jonas Brothers ‘Comeback’

Maddie Black , Layout and Design Editor

After cancelling their 2013 tour, due to creative differences, the Jonas Brothers decided to take a break from producing music. In 2019, they announced their return as a band. Within seven months of that announcement, they released a new album, 91 tour dates, three music videos and a documentary.

They released their first single ‘Sucker’ on March 1, 2019. Then on April 5, 2019 they released their second single ‘Cool’.  After 10 years since their last album, their new album, ‘Happiness Begins,’ was released on June 7, 2019.

The album consists of the two previous singles along with 12 new songs: ‘Only Human,’ ‘I Believe,’ ‘Used to Be,’ ‘Every Single Time,’ ‘Don’t Throw it Away,’ ‘Love Her,’ ‘Happy When I’m Sad,’ ‘Trust,’ ‘Strangers,’ ‘Hesitate,’ ‘Rollercoaster,’ and ‘Comeback.’ The album was number one on the Billboard top 200 when released.

With a new album, comes a new tour. The ‘Happiness Begins’ tour started August 7, 2019 in Miami, Fla. They start off their concert with ‘Rollercoaster,’ which is a song from the new album. With singing some of their new music, they also sing some of there old music like ‘Year 3000,’ ‘Burning Up,’ ‘Play My Music,’ ‘Lovebug’ and much more.

Keeping with the theme of ‘Happiness Begins,’ the band released a documentary, with that same title, on June 4, 2019. The documentary is about how they started as a band, their struggles and the overall idea of where the ‘Happiness Begins.’