Infections of a Different Kind: Step 1

Infections of a Different Kind: Step 1

Faith Holliday, Feature Editor

AURORA has returned with her sophomore album “Infections of a Different Kind: Step One.” The album, featuring a choir of 32 members, was released on Sept. 28 unexpectedly, as the date was not released to the public beforehand.

AURORA is a Norwegian singer-songwriter known for her eclectic style and sound.

The short eight song tracklist begins triumphantly with “Queendom”, a song about self love and accepting others. The ending piece is “Infections of a Different Kind”, in which the mood shifts from happy and hopeful to tranquil and reflective. 

AURORA has a unique electro-pop/indie sound with piano ballads mixed in. Her sound has evolved over time into a perfect mix of indie and mainstream content. 

Overall, “Infections of a Different Kind: Step 1” is a highly under-appreciated album, especially within the United States.