Performing arts groups during Holiday Magic


Emily Gray

Holiday Magic continues through the week of Dec. 10-14. Holiday Magic is a week of performances from all of the performing arts groups. The band performed Dec. 10. They performed a variety of classical Christmas music was played along with a mashup of Christmas songs.

Mason Romero, sophomore, plays tenor saxophone. “I get ready for the concert by practicing my instrument and reading over the music.,” Romero stated.

The orchestra performed Dec. 11. Jaxon Gilner, sophomore, plays the viola. “This concert is different than the others we have because it is more holiday based and more people recognize the songs we perform. I practice a lot to get ready and we also have one or two after school rehearsals to prepare,” Gilner said. A mixture of both classical and fun Christmas music was performed. 

The choir performed Dec. 13. They performed a Christmas medleys out of classic Christmas songs with a jazz spin. Ethan Christiansen, senior, sings in Southside Choir and Chorale. “I like this concert because it is more laid back then the other concerts we have to do and we can wear festive outfits,” Christiansen stated. To prepare for a concert, Christiansen looks over the music the day of the concert and listens to the music if there is a recording of the song.

Theatre is going to perform Dec. 14. There will be two different plays performed. Repertory Theatre will be performing a one-act radio version of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The other play that will be performed is “Deck the Stage.” It features short scenes and monolouges that are performed and directed by Advanced Repertory Theatre.     

Holiday magic was and continues to be  a successful week from all of the performing art groups.