Free ACT deadline approaches

Hannah Holliday, Feature Editor

The Kansas government will pay for all juniors and seniors who have not taken the ACT before to take it for free during the school day on Feb. 20, 2019. The deadline to sign up is Nov. 16. Signups are available in the counseling office or the counseling website.

Students can also take the ACT Work Keys for free, an exam for those not planning on going to college. Some employers require either the ACT or the ACT Work Keys to be hired.

The free exam is an effort to bring up Kansas’s average ACT scores. According to, the average for 2017 was 21.7- slightly higher than the national average of 21 and 2.2 points lower than the Olathe average of 23.9.

See Marci Gibbens, English teacher, for more ACT information and pick up a free practice test in the counseling office.